Tap dormant knowledge, Conquer silos easily


We surface status, context, and sentiments, from millions of text data in conversations automatically, using AI, so that you can work within and across the boundaries of groups and organizations easily.

Prevent silos

Cross-pollinate knowledge and sentiments to people and places where it is relevant within and across the boundaries of groups, time zones, and organizations.

Be productive

Manage many threads and give deep attention to any thread by connecting the dots between related conversations, people, groups, and schedules.

Analyze and solution

Quicken analysis and craft solutions better by comprehending the step-by-step context between text and voice conversations.

Integrate with apps

Subscribe to daily takeaways and propagate them into enterprise apps at the click of a button instead of repetitive manual typing.

Automatic takeaways

Prevent silos by propagating discussed takeaways into followups, handoffs, and knowledge shares.

Contextual insight

Be insightful by comparing related conversations, people, groups, and schedules.

Data authenticity

Data from authenticated conversations, people, groups, and schedules only.

Adaptive interface

An interface that is compatible with multiple conversation styles.